About me


Hi, I am Michele!

I first started yoga 9 years ago, after the birth of my first daughter. I was on maternity leave and wanted something to get me out of the house, calm my new mum anxieties and try and get back into shape. I found a postnatal yoga class and attended it with my daughter. Little did I know that 9 years later I would be teaching yoga!

I carried on attending the postnatal yoga classes and, when my daughter was too old for me to take her with me, I started going to “normal” yoga classes. Years later, when I was pregnant again I attended pre-natal yoga, then post-natal yoga and finally my normal evening classes again.  It was the first time I had stuck to something for so long!

And then, at a more difficult time in my life, when all my plans were thrown in the air and I had to decide on what to do, where to go, I experienced a lot of anxiety, which manifested itself both mentally and physically. Not really knowing what to do, I turned to yoga and started practising for 20 minutes every morning. To get these 20 minutes, I had to get up early – before my two young daughters – but it was worth it as, during these few difficult weeks, these 20 minutes were the only time of the day when I wasn’t scared or worried. I also started to realise that this practice helped me stay sane for the rest of the day. The worry was there but I was able to stay positive and keep going forward.

When everything settled down, I realised that I was hooked on yoga. I didn’t want to stop my daily practice as it made me feel so good. The days I didn’t practice in the morning didn’t feel quite right. Yoga had started making a real impact on my life.

“We don’t realise that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.” From Eat, Pray, Love

This is when I decided to start training to become a teacher and pass to others what I love so much about yoga: the calmness it provides, the so-elusive “being in the moment” feeling that creeps up on you during a class without you even noticing it, the delicious – or not so delicious – feeling that my muscles had been stretched in depth the morning after the class…

Dru yoga really embodies what I like about yoga, it is inclusive – everybody can do Dru yoga, relaxed and encompasses both the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Anybody can step into a Dru yoga class and get something out of it, be it a stretch, a moment of peace, some sense of connection or a little nap at the end of the class!

With TreeLight Yoga, I am teaching fun, approachable and relaxing yoga classes that are suitable for all abilities. I also provide private and corporate classes on request.