Welcome to Treelight Yoga. Yoga for the Body, Soul & Mind

Welcome to Treelight Yoga!                                                  dru-professional-logo-rgb

My vision is that yoga is for everybody, no matter your age, level of flexibility or fitness.

I teach Dru Yoga in and around Ashford in Kent. Dru Yoga is a potent, yet flowing and graceful style of Hatha yoga, which combines sequences, postures, visualisations, affirmations and breath work. It is a style of yoga that is truly accessible to all.

So if you are looking to improve your physical health or to find some inner calm, why not give Dru Yoga a try and see what it can bring to your life? A Dru Yoga class will tone your body, ease tensions and relax your mind. It canhelp with a variety of complaints such as back and neck pain, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem. lying-down

“When I started practising yoga I began seeing beauty all around me. The trees, the flowers, the sunsets all seemed to glow with a divine light. Then I started seeing beauty beyond physical form expressed in compassion, kindness, forgiveness and love.    Finally one day I looked in the mirror and saw beauty within myself.” Kino MacGregor

If you prefer classes that are specifically designed to your needs, I run private classes from the comfort of your own home which I tailor to your requirements.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 20.55.10                                                                   A Dru Yoga class will tone your body, ease tensions and relax your mind.





Yoga is not just for grown-ups. I teach children from the age of two and also run family classes, where you can spend some quality time with the little people in your life doing something that is positive for the whole family.

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