Welcome to Treelight Yoga. Yoga for the Body, Soul & Mind

Welcome to Treelight Yoga!                                                  dru-professional-logo-rgb

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My vision is that yoga is for everybody. No matter if you are young and flexible, not quite so young, stiff as a plank of wood or just wanting to relax.

So if you are looking to improve your physical health or to find some inner calm, why not give yoga a try and see what it can bring to your life?

“When I started practising yoga I began seeing beauty all around me. The trees, the flowers, the sunsets all seemed to glow with a divine light. Then I started seeing beauty beyond physical form expressed in compassion, kindness, forgiveness and love.    Finally one day I looked in the mirror and saw beauty within myself.” Kino MacGregor

I have classes in Ashford and Rhode Minnis, near Lyminge in Kent. I also run private and corporate classes on request.



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